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SERIES: Dragonlance
CLASS: A mix of Punch Clock Villain and Heroic Neutral
HOUSING: Independent housing in Heropa

Kang was created in 342 AC from the egg of a bronze dragon that was warped by dark magic. Created to be shock troops in yet another war led by the evil goddess Takhisis to take over the world of Krynn, young draconians were forced to fight and kill each other for their food in the belief that it would make them stronger, and Kang, like many others in the first few batches created, was revered by many of his younger peers for surviving. He served under Lord Ariakas, the human leader of the armies, until 346 AC, when a drunken bet was made that any of Ariakas’s draconians were more intelligent than the humans under another human officer, and he was sent to learn engineering skills.

He proved to be better at it than the humans, graduating with distinction. On his way to meet up with the draconians that would be his new squadron to train as engineers, he overheard a few of them, including their sivak commander, talking about retrieving a treasure from an abandoned dwarven stronghold guarded by undead on an island. Pretending to be a deserter, Kang offered to help them build a bridge across the water, which was full of fang fish that would strip the flesh off their bones, for a share of it. Slith, their commander, refused to tell Kang what the treasure was at first, not trusting him. After making their way through the undead guardians, the treasure turned out to be dwarf spirits, a powerful liquor that they could sell back in the camps. Slith offered Kang a place in the squadron, joking that maybe one day Kang would work his way up to being his second in command. The humans wouldn’t even notice a new addition, since all draconians looked alike to them, and all they cared was that they were sober and at the front lines during battles. Kang politely declined, and showed up at the camp the next day in full officer gear, to take command with Slith as his second.

The squadron served under the Red Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance, and proved their skills by building a bridge in one day with elves attacking with arrows from the forest and silver dragons flying overhead. The bridge was never used, being a diversionary tactic, but it was still considered a great achievement. They were excellent at building siege engines of all kinds: catapults, ballistae, and trebuchets.

At times, they used their skills for unorthodox reasons. They pulled a prank on a group of young baaz draconians that were disrespectful by building a fake dragon out of wicker. When they were reassigned as infantry by one of the many humans that thought draconians little better than cannonfodder, and given a minotaur commander that was infamous for leading suicide charges and being the only one to return alive, they got the minotaur roaring drunk on hard cider and launched him from a catapult in an attempt to kill him (instead, they wound up killing a copper dragon on the battlefield with his horns, completely by luck). Before the minotaur could tell the higher ups what had happened, Kang and Slith, who had become best friends, spun a story about how he had volunteered, and he was so brave. The higher ups bought it, and oddly, the minotaur wanted to do it again. They were moved back to engineers, and finally succeeded in killing the minotaur after a few more tries with the catapult.

By the end of the war, the squadron had become the First Dragonarmy Engineering Regiment. Takhisis’s forces lost, due to her soldiers caring more about personal power and wealth instead of focusing on winning a war; murder to rise in the ranks was common. In the end, it was a lack of discipline that did them in and made them turn on each other. Draconians were abandoned by their allies and being hunted down by those they’d fought against; the race had earned a reputation as worse murderers, thieves, and rapists than the other races in Takhisis’s armies. Most draconians turned to banditry and mercenary work, not knowing anything else, but Kang knew they would be killed. He didn't want to see his men dead, so the regiment traveled to a valley between Mount Celebund and Mount Dashinak, near the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. They just wanted to live however long their life spans ended up being in relative peace.

They shared the valley with a village of hill dwarves for over twenty years, performing non-lethal raids to survive; draconians are not the best of farmers. The dwarves would raid back, and it almost became a game for them, many items exchanging hands multiple times.

In 383 AC, Takhisis started forming a new army, and impressed by how things had changed, Kang offered up the regiment’s services as engineers. Now calling themselves Dark Knights, they seemed to have actual discipline and honor. The regiment left the camp not even a day later, when they found out that their engineering skills weren't even going to be used. Instead, they were to dig latrines. Attitudes towards draconians apparently hadn’t changed. Kang did make a friend in the female human Knight named Huzzad, who understood his frustration.

When they returned to their village, they found it in ruins. The military portion of the dwarves they called neighbors had decided to destroy it. Kang wasn’t about to let the dwarves off easy, and led a fact-finding mission in the village with orders that civilians were not to be harmed. While there, he was stabbed in the thigh by a dwarf, and Slith used the cover of a suspicious journal snagged from the dwarf to bind the wound. Slith later noticed a map inside, that led to some sort of treasure deep in Thorbardin. The next day, the dwarf came back to the encampment to try and get the map back, and to avoid death, told Kang and Slith that part of the treasure was female draconian eggs, which they hadn’t known had ever existed. The rest of the hill dwarves found out about it as well, and a race ensued to reach the treasure first; the dwarves wanted to smash the eggs and keep the race from breeding. On the way, Kang met Huzzad again, who warned him that all of Krynn was in peril of being returned to nothingness because of a god named Chaos, and confirmed that the female draconian eggs were real. She told him that Takhisis would assist, if he would do her a favor; he would know when the time came.

It turned out to be fire dragons. Kang barely survived destroying an entire nest, crucial to the Chaos War being won by the mortal races. He knew that the entire regiment had been intended to die; it’s when he began to hate Takhisis. A deal was struck with the dwarves in the treasure room before they could kill the females, who had hatched only minutes ago. The draconians would be allowed to raise the females, provided they moved out of the valley, and the dwarves would be shown the only exit out of the mountain.

Kang and his regiment left the valley with the baby females, heading for the abandoned dwarven stronghold of Teyr. During their travels, in which Kang made a friend in a Sister of Paladine named Marsel after she saved the baby females from being killed by a woman who had gone mad with hate over her family being killed by draconian during the war, they were constantly harassed by goblins and hobgoblins, and were saved from certain death by a large force of draconians under the command of General Maranta, an aurak draconian. They were brought to a fort where most of the draconian population left on Krynn had gathered.

The goblin and hobgoblin army continued to mass to numbers of near 40,000, laying siege to the fort. Strange things began happening inside the fort as well, with draconians going missing. They were assumed to be deserters, but Kang never believed the two from his regiment would ever desert, not after everything they had gone through. Maranta sent Kang to ask for aid from a group of Dark Knights in the area, and was pleased when it was promised with no hesitation. Huzzad snuck into his room later that night to tell him that the Dark Knights had learned of the female draconians and were the ones who had sent the goblins; they wanted to eradicate the race now that they couldn't be controlled. She saw no honor in genocide, telling him that the Knights had reverted back to little better than bullies. She warned him to avoid the main roads on the way back the next day. While heading back, they saw her attacked by fellow Knights, having figured out that she was the one who had warned the draconians. She was knocked unconscious, and before she could be killed, Kang rushed to help her. He decided to bring her back to the fort to be cared for.

When he returned, he learned that strange draconian had shown up from seemingly nowhere. Slith termed them 'dunderheads' because they followed orders without question even if said orders were entirely ridiculous. He also learned that the female draconian were tired of being treated like children and had begun military training on their own, not letting the males know; Huzzad let it slip by accident. He was furious, thinking she had put them up to it, until she told him that they’d started it before she’d even shown up, and that he had to stop coddling them and treat them like the adults they were. She also told him that Fonrar, the female who led them, was in love with him.

The females were allowed to get proper training, and Fonrar became an officer. A plan was made to build a massive fake dragon with supplies from the fort, and rig it with explosive mash from alcohol production so it could be dropped on the goblin forces. Things became very awkward between Kang and Fonrar, with him beginning to realize that he was in love with her too.

Slith went missing after taking one of the dunderheads with him to pick up supplies, worrying Kang. The dunderhead was found dead with a broken neck, something normally impossible to tell when draconians don’t leave a body. The females and Huzzad decided to search for him since their squadron could be spared from the battle, and Kang decided to go with them. Huzzad stayed outside Maranta’s headquarters to help deal with the aurak’s bodyguards.

They found out that General Maranta was using a magical artifact called the Heart of Dracart to create more draconians from the ones that had been thought to desert; the process took the soul of an existing draconian and split it into pieces, killing the original. The aurak wanted complete control of the race and meant to kill the females. They managed to stop Maranta before he could use the Heart on Slith, and the females faced off against more of the aurak’s bodyguards while Kang went to deal with Maranta. He nearly had the Heart used on him, but Thesik, one of the females, set Maranta on fire and killed him.

They got out of the building just in time to see Huzzad get killed by a crossbow bolt, and after avenging her death, the group went to help with the goblin threat. The fake dragon was launched, but the fuse burned out before it could reach the explosives. In a last ditch effort, Kang used the magical energy from the Heart to detonate it, causing massive damage to their besiegers and allowing the draconians to win the battle. However, it left his hand covered in scars, and the resulting nerve damage made it so that he could never again wield his battle-axe.

The battle won and Maranta dead, Kang turned command of the regiment over to Slith, having grown tired of military life, and they continued on to Teyr. The other draconians followed, and the nation of Teyr was established, with Kang becoming the Lord-Governor and the mate of the female bozak Fonrar.

Shortly into Teyr’s existence (in 387 AC), the Dark Knights began reaching out to Kang, trying to convince him to ally with them. He flatly refused, which angered the Knights, and they decided to attack Teyr. It didn’t end well for them, as the Legion of Steel, a group that was trying to get rid of the Dark Knights, had contacted Kang; they had spies in the camps, and fed him information on troop numbers and movements. He maintains contact with the Legion, only trusting a handful of others with the knowledge of that alliance since the majority of the draconian population would disapprove. With how new Teyr is and its remote location, not many of the other nations know much about it, and the Dark Knights use that to their advantage, claiming the draconians as their allies to keep them as isolated as possible. Skirmishes between Teyrian draconians and other races are rare, and usually avoided as much as possible; very recently, a male draconian was killed, leaving behind a very angry mate and children.

Progress has been made, though. A city-state to the south, Sanction, is the only one to allow draconians through its gates as long as they follow the laws in place; it's unique in that it does this for all races, no matter their general alignments on the good-evil scale. It's also very odd, given that a bronze dragon helps to protect it. A trade agreement has been reached with the city of Kalaman to the west, helped along by the Teyrian Corps of Engineers building a road for easier travel. And, there is at least one town in Teyr that is largely human, led by relatives of the same woman who had once tried to kill the baby females.

It's now 422 AC, and quite a bit has happened on Krynn. Not all of the gods had left, as everyone believed. One god, Takhisis, had stolen the world, moving it to another plane of existence and slowly gathering her strength to finally have complete dominance. The reason magic went haywire after the Chaos war was because of her use of trapped, dead souls to leech the energy from the living. When she made her move, she called herself the One God to not rouse suspicions and used a young girl named Mina to create a loyal army largely comprised of Dark Knights, destroying the Dragon Overlords in the process.

The War of Souls, as it came to be known, ended in the city-state of Sanction in 421. Kang had spies everywhere, especially right under the noses of the Overlords, and when he learned of the involvement of the Dark Knights, he saw his chance for revenge. He and General Slith led an army to Sanction to assist in the battle, completely surprising everyone when the draconians fought alongside the Solamnic and elven forces.

In the middle of the battle, Takhisis pulled many of her most loyal servants and hated enemies to the Temple of Leurkhisis on the outskirts of Sanction to witness her victory. Kang and General Slith were among that crowd. Takhisis meant to take the life and body of Mina, given willingly, to exist in both the mortal and immortal plane and ensure her control. She was stopped, however, by her brother Paladine. The gods had found the world, and they were not pleased with her actions. They knew the only way to stop her was to take drastic measures: Paladine chose to give up his immortality. In doing so, Takhisis was forced to become mortal to maintain the balance of good and evil. In her rage, she struck at Mina, only to be stabbed with a spear and killed by an elven king before her blow could land. Mina then used the same spear to kill the king in her grief, declaring vengeance on Paladine.

After the death of Takhisis, the battle ended fairly quickly. Before leaving, the draconian army saluted the flags of the forces of light, causing much confusion.

With (most of) the gods returned, dead souls are no longer trapped and magic and healing abilities have returned to normal. The world has also been moved to its proper plane, with three moons back in the sky.

The events of the war brought good and bad for Teyr. The Overlords' death means that Kang can no longer sell that highly valuable information, and is in need of a new export. Some draconians believe that they should not have turned against the Dark Knights and Takhisis, and resent Kang for his choice to get involved in Sanction. On the other hand, his choice has made nations once unwilling to treat with draconians beyond trade curious enough to begin to reach out. It's opened up many doors for him.

One of those doors he isn't sure if he wants to open. Sanction has never denied draconians as long as they obeyed the same laws as everyone else, and the war caused Governor Hogan Bight to reveal that he is actually the bronze dragon Crucible. Kang is unsure of what this may mean (he was created from the egg of a bronze dragon, after all) and has hesitated to agree to meet with Crucible in person.

Things that have been brewing for decades in Teyr are starting to come to a head as well, and he is dealing with the first real threats of a civil war. There is trouble between the military and civilian populations, with many of the soldiers believing the civilians to be fat and lazy; they think Teyr has been at peace for too long and wish to fight in wars as draconians were originally bred to do. The civilians have secretly started hiring bodyguards to protect themselves from bullying.

A civilian named Gott has also started to push for Teyr to become a democratically-led nation. Kang knows this will certainly lead to a civil war. On top of that, he is dealing with a growing movement led by the mate of the draconian killed in a past skirmish with humans to eject all non-draconians from the nation.

In happier news, his oldest children are in their thirties and he has several grandchildren, none older than fifteen.

Years ago, the eggs of the metallic dragons were stolen, and they were made to swear an oath that they wouldn't interfere with Takhisis's latest attempt to take over Krynn; if they complied, they'd get their eggs back safe and sound. Naturally, Takhisis lied, and dark magic was used to warp the eggs so that they would hatch draconians instead of baby dragons. She wanted shock troops for her army.

The dragons found out, joined the war, and a good chunk of the eggs were rescued. The ones that had already hatched as draconians, though, were largely considered perversions and killed out of 'mercy'. Additionally, some draconians had been created from chromatic eggs, and had turned out to be good in nature; a few of the metallic dragons took them in and acted as mentors.

Because of this, Kang has a healthy dislike of metallic dragons of all types, especially bronzes, and feels abandoned and betrayed by his parents, even though he has no idea who they are or if they're even still alive. In fact, he wouldn't mind one bit killing them if he ever found them. When it comes to dragons that hatched after the war, and thus, had no part in it, it’s a little more complicated; those are possible siblings and cousins. He understands that they’re innocent and don’t deserve to be killed for what their parents did, but at the same time, he’s somewhat jealous of them.

The feelings of abandonment and betrayal, and jealousy, combined with the fact that draconians as a race very nearly didn't even get the chance to breed, make him extremely protective of his children and anyone he considers to be family. He would never hurt them or abandon them for any reason, and thinks very lowly of anybody that would do such a thing to a member of their family. And to him, not all blood is family, and not all family is blood.

While his general feelings of extreme dislike towards metallic dragons is not something he ever hides, the particular details of said feelings isn't something he's comfortable talking about with anyone he isn't very close with. He'd rather keep it private.

Kang also feels uncomfortable talking about the hatcheries, where he was forced to fight and kill his own brothers and cousins over the meager amounts of food they were given.

He knows that he has some trust issues when it comes to members of other races, especially humans. That happens when a person's entire race is treated like dumb beasts and considered to be cannonfodder by their own side of the war, and considered to be a heartless, evil monster that kills on sight by the other. Of course, the draconians are generally evil in nature and don't feel any regret for their actions during the war, but it can be really annoying when all he wants now is peaceful coexistence. Leave him and his alone, and he’ll leave you alone.

While the issues aren't so bad that he just doesn't get close to other people at all (he does have several human/elf/whatever friends), what he doesn't realize is that he's far more inclined to trust and befriend a female more quickly than a male. The Dragonarmies, the Solamnics, the elves, and everyone else the draconians dealt with on a regular basis during the war were male; there were very few female warriors on either side.

The first human that ever considered him to be a person was a woman. It was also a human woman that saved the baby females from being killed one winter, effectively saving the entire race. And, the woman that tried to kill the babies later realized how her hate had consumed her and ended up becoming the head of one of the towns/outposts (largely human) in the nation of Teyr. She and Kang are now on neutral terms.

Overall, he's a fairly social person, but he doesn't call anyone a friend lightly, and he is very, very loyal to said friends. Most people are acquaintances to him, and he'll at the very least give basic respect towards others until they say or do something to piss him off. If it's an honest mistake, he'll be a bit more understanding, but if it's done on purpose, or continues after he's let the person know not to say or do it again, then it's a problem.

He’s also a just little bit paranoid of people that show up and want to ally themselves with him, as he’s been betrayed before, by the Dark Knights. He’d rather not repeat the experience, thanks.

Many draconians, having no females of their own for over forty years, pursued human and elven women; Kang is baffled by this, thinking them to be unattractive (squishy and lumpy, and breakable), and does not condone sexual harassment or rape. He is polite towards females, referring to them as ma'am.

That politeness is due to how human and elven society is on Krynn, not any personal views on females. He knows that those race's societies have very different ideas of what is and is not proper behavior of and treatment towards females, ideas that he doesn't really agree with. He doesn't want to offend, even though he sees absolutely no reason for the job restrictions and expectations.

In draconian society, things are very different between the sexes; they are equals. Most of the twenty females serve in the military voluntarily, not barred from any position, including his mate Fonrar, who is an officer. Thesik, another female, is one of his top advisors, and next in line to be Governor after him.

Like all draconians, he simply does not understand the concept of marriage or of waiting until marriage to mate. To him, it’s like waiting for permission from someone that has no business making the decision, as they are not impacted or actively involved in the relationship. He doesn’t need a piece of paper, or some elaborate ceremony as proof of his commitment to his mate. There is an understanding that he could get replaced if Fonrar chooses, but that’s her decision, and he’s not really worried about that happening any time soon. He knows that she cares very deeply about him, and it is very much reciprocated.

Kang has a healthy dislike of gods. He once worshipped Takhisis, praying to her every night for his spells. He, like a lot of bozaks, believed that his magic was a gift from the Dark Queen, so when she disappeared with the other gods (after giving his race hope with the female eggs but expecting his regiment to die in the process of retrieving them), he thought that the magic was gone, and good riddance to her. However, the magic was innate, and he realized this a little over a year later. He made a vow that he would never use his magic again after that, as a symbol of his lost faith.

As for the other gods, good riddance to them, too. He'd never liked the 'good' pantheon; they were on opposite sides of the war, and if a draconian ever dared to step on the grounds of a temple of Paladine or Mishakal, they would be smote immediately. The neutral gods, he didn't really feel very strongly one way or the other towards, but in general, he just dislikes how gods tend to use mortals as their own personal playthings.

Kang is a natural-born leader, and having been a commander of a regimental unit for over thirty years, he expects that if he gives an order to a subordinate, it is to be followed, no questions asked; he will, however, explain his reasoning if it seems particularly strange, complicated, and/or there is time to do so. He may have retired, but he still has much of that military bearing about him. He is very proud of his engineering skills, bridge building in particular, and of those that were once under his command.

His treatment of those he considers under his care (including subordinates) is fair and respectful. He gives constructive criticism, never denigrates them, and understands that if he doesn’t give others respect, how can he possibly expect them to respect him? Some may need more encouragement and help than others to reach their full potential, and he will patiently do so.

In D&D terms, Kang is Lawful Neutral. More specifically, he is Type 3. He believes in maintaining order, unity in the face of adversity, and never sacrificing the lives of any of the people he’s responsible for unless it’s a necessity. He doesn’t agree with torture because if it’s done for information, it simply leads to the person lying to make the pain stop, and the idea of it being done for pleasure makes him feel somewhat sick. He doesn’t enjoy killing even if he has no real issue with doing so. He also sees no point in keeping a prisoner of war alive if they have no information to give and/or pose a threat. To him, it’s best to just kill them in a quick and painless manner and be done with it. He prefers quick kills in battle as well, and will make sure his opponent is not simply crippled whenever possible to ensure they are no longer a threat.

He's not really all that upset over losing the war. The Dragonarmies lacked discipline, and most preferred stabbing each other in the back for wealth and power. Of course they lost, when they weren't focusing on the goal. The humans treated the draconians like shit, too. However, he doesn't regret anything that he did during the war, and doesn't bother hiding any of it if it happens to come up in conversation.

Now that the war is long over, and they actually have a future, the preservation of the draconian race, and the continued existence of Teyr, is the most important thing to Kang. It’s become a personal quest that he will fight for with every fiber of his being, and would die for.

Draconian form (canon): While unable to truly fly, Kang can glide short distances and survive falls far greater than a human can. He can also survive on 1/10 the food and water a human requires, due to low metabolism. His dragon blood allows him to see up to 120 feet in the dark (heat signatures on the infrared spectrum), and up to three times that in low-light (normal spectrum). His day vision is slightly better than a human's, as is his hearing, and his sense of smell is much more acute; he can’t track by scent alone, but he can recognize things and individual people by it. He also has an immunity to all natural diseases.

Kang has the natural ability to use magic in his draconian body, but for many decades, he chose not to, as a symbol of his lost faith in the goddess Takhisis. He's taken it back up more recently, but he's hampered by the availability of some spell components (such as bat guano and diamond dust), and there is a limit to which spells he can cast, and how many per day. He also needs to speak words aloud in the language of magic for them to work.

This is the list of what spells he has access to:

0 Level (Six spells per day)
Arcane Mark
Daze Person
Detect Magic
Disrupt Undead
Ray of Frost
Read Magic

1st Level (Six spells per day)
Burning Hands
Magic Missile
Shocking Grasp
True Strike

2nd Level (Six spells per day)
Bull's Strength

3rd Level (Six spells per day)
Lightning Bolt
Stinking Cloud

4th Level (Four spells per day)
Ice Storm

It's also worth noting that in this form, when he dies, his flesh will disappear from his bones, and they will explode, causing damage and/or death to anyone in a ten foot radius.

Human form: 1) His senses are heightened to the same levels that he is used to in his draconian form, and 2) he can shapeshift to his normal-on-Krynn draconian body, but he cannot retain that form unless he is conscious.

In either form, he has InstaBlueprint, which allows him to look at any structure and see its blueprint in his mind, or see the schematics of any simple device (computer chips and electronics are too complex and show up as a blank).

From MoM

From MoM

Draconian form: Kang is large for his particular type of draconian, with a height of seven feet. He is humanoid, with a tail, large wings (18 ft span), fangs, claws, yellow eyes with slit pupils, curling horns much like a ram's, and scales that have a bronze sheen to them. Even though he really doesn't see the point in wearing clothing (it's just something draconians picked up from humans, and pockets are useful!), he does typically wear a cloth kilt and tunic that is specially designed to accommodate his wings, but forgoes shoes, as his legs and feet are digitigrade, instead of plantigrade like a human's. He also wears the gold chain that signifies his status as Lord Governor around his neck along with a boot knife in his belt. His right hand is covered in scars, centered mostly on the palm, and the damage heavily suggests that he almost lost two of his fingers; there is also a large scar on his back (right next to his spine), and on the back of his left thigh.

Also because of his non-human anatomy, he can make a wider range of sounds. He's capable of very deep, even subsonic, sounds in his chest, and can even do ultrasonic sounds in the back of his throat. Nasal sounds are impossible, though, due to the nasal cavity being a different shape.

His normal speaking voice is very deep, probably about an octave lower than Keith David's, and definitely not human.

Kang's accent is... hard to match to any Earth one, really. It's somewhat similar to Romanian, but not quite; it's not as heavy, and the vowel pronunciation is not the same. Because of the shape of his mouth, soft sounds come out more as hisses or growls, and some of them are just flat out impossible for him to make, like soft d and t. It's also impossible to roll the r, like in burro or arroz.

In his human form, he’ll still have the accent, but he’ll be able to pronounce the soft sounds much more easily. He speaks a fair bit of Dwarven, and fluent Nerakese and Common. The latter is largely the same as American English, but a few of the words here and there are completely different and not from any Earth language. He will also keep the scars, but regain the use of his right hand.

Inventory: blue kilt, leather belt, white tunic, dark blue waterproof cloak, dagger, gold chain necklace, colorful braided cloth armband, iron armband, a cloth pouch with a handful of various metallic coins and a rough minotaur-shaped wooden carving, and a set of five steel arrowheads wrapped in oilcloth. All the clothing and jewelry are made to fit his draconian body.


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