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governorkang: (Council business)

Lord-Governor Kang

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Name:Lord-Governor Kang
Would you boys happen to know where I can buy a round of dwarf spirits?

Name: Kang
Series: Dragonlance
Race: Draconian (Bozak)
Age: ~80

Player DW: [personal profile] umi_mikazuki

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"That is the strength of the military, sir," Mitrat stated. "A soldier obeys orders. Remove discipline and you have anarchy, chaos."

"I am aware of that, Commander," said Kang. "The lost gods know that when I was in command, I expected all my officers to obey my orders, even if they didn't understand them or even agree with them. I expected the same of myself." Kang gazed long at Mitrat. "But I could not have done what you did. Not without questioning, protesting, even resisting, if necessary. Discipline, orders - it used to be all so simple for me. It's not anymore. And that's why I've removed myself from command.

"I made a decision to retire from the military some time ago," Kang continued. "I'm not sure how to explain this, but it came to me that our people no longer need a military leader. We need someone who will help us take our rightful place among the other races in the world."

He felt embarrassed, spread his hands. "I know I'm not qualified for this position and I'm probably going to make a hash of it, but I'd like to give it a shot. I want to be a leader of people, now, not soldiers. The First Dragonarmy Engineers are going to be moving out tomorrow morning. We're going on to the city of Teyr. We're going to build a new life there, raise our young in peace."

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