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Fleet's Meats
Located in downtown Maurtia Falls, Fleet's Meats butcher shop has nearly every cut of meat imaginable. Special orders are available, and all imPorts receive a 15% discount on their purchases, regardless of species.

Happy Pets Veterinary
Drs. Alicia Smith and Patrick Hart have graciously offered their services to the imPort community. They have a combined experience of nearly fifty years working with both humans and various animal species alike, and they offer home visits for those uncomfortable with visiting a veterinary office. Drs. Smith and Hart also have a sliding scale fee option available for their patients.

Family Health Center of De Chima and the Nonah Public Health Clinic
New to a human body? The staff of these two health centers are available 24/7 to answer questions, help imPorts adjust to living in a new form, and provide basic health checkups and services.

DeKath and West Law Office
Located in Heropa, this law office provides a free educational class to imPorts, covering the US legal system and its intricacies. DeKath and West will also assist with the various minor legal troubles that often arise with imPort and nonhuman status at a 50% discount.

Barbara Jackson is a certified ESL (English as a Second Language) and sign language instructor located just outside of Maurtia Falls. She holds weekly classes and offers private lessons. Sliding scale fees are also available.

Special mentions go to the De Chima Museum of Natural History and Paul's Print Shop for their ongoing support of SELF and its mission.

SELF also collects clothing donations for newly-arrived characters, available immediately upon arrival at Cape Canaveral. Perfect for if an imPort arrives in clothing that would get them in trouble, or would draw unwanted attention!

(Have an idea for a business or organization who would be interested in working with SELF? Does your character have a specific service they would like to offer? Drop a comment!)


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objective. SELF is a nonprofit, player-run organization established to assist non-human imPorts or imPorts bonded to a non-human animal ( meaning a character who brought in an animal that takes up one power slot. )

so what is it exactly.
Currently based out of Heropa, SELF means to assist non-human imPorts or non-human companion animals during the duration of their stay. It was Claire, the former head's, experience after being saddled with a dinosaur that most resources, from housing to health care and even food, are geared toward humans specifically, as is most of the existing support. Kang has long been aware of this issue as well, being of a non-mammalian nature. SELF aims to correct that.

The initial areas tackled include:
  • Food: creating a listing of food suppliers tailored to specific diets, and negotiating payment plans.
  • Health care: establishing contact with doctors, veterinarians, healers, researchers, among others capable of monitoring the health of and treating non-humans.
  • Housing: securing appropriate homes whether it’s an issue of size, temperature, location, etc.
  • Education: in consortium with other programs, teaching those new to the human world, and specifically to the United States, about daily living; as well as amassing all of the information on imPort rights, particularly that for non-humans, and what protections are provided by law.
  • Training: either teaching an animal to behave or honing one’s own abilities if these are new.
This is an opt-in service, meaning characters must sign up to receive benefits. How is this done? ICly, fill out paperwork including name, age, address, job, contact numbers, species, allergies, etc. This is done so as to a) provide better service, and b) safeguard the organization’s own assets. OOCly, it’s as easy as filling out the form here.

so you want to help out.
Most of the work is done on a volunteer basis. This may change with time, but for the time being pro bono is the name of the game. If, however, your character demands payment, this can be negotiated.

The organization's funds, achieved chiefly through donations, is spent on securing resources as necessary. Anyone, whether human or non-human, can volunteer. There are many ways to contribute: food suppliers, construction workers, researchers, medics, trainers… The sky is the limit. If you’d like your character to take part but aren’t sure how, feel free to private message me and we will work something out.

Not everything is dry. There will be activities throughout meant to connect the imPorts to the native population. ( We expect these will go about as well as expected. ) So there is always the opportunity too of working fundraisers, seminars, you name it. SELF accepts both Registered and Unregistered imPorts. Others are evaluated on a case-by-case basis ( basically, how likely are they to be assholes. )

( And do let me know if your character wants to be an asshole! I'm very open to any plotting that complicates my character's life. So don't be afraid to message me! )

To sign up, fill out the text form here.

A list of the various NPC and player-run businesses and organizations working with SELF can be found here. ICly, this information is easily accessible via brochure at Swear-ins and by contacting Kang or any of the volunteers directly.

available programs.

Well-Dressed Program

New arrivals very frequently have clothing issues, for various reasons. Perhaps they are normally not human, and what clothing they wear (if they do) no longer fits. Perhaps their clothing is a little... inappropriate for this culture. Perhaps they were in the middle of taking a relaxing bath. And, perhaps, they arrived in their superhero/villain outfit and simply don't want to be noticed yet.

To help with this, clothing (including undergarments and shoes!) in a plethora of sizes and styles is available in the Porter room upon arrival! Much of it is donated from Natives, and SELF has a small budget set aside to ensure that supplies never run too low.

Native Training Program

This program is strictly for educating Native soldiers on how to better make a first impression on new arrivals placed in human bodies they may not be used to. The soldiers will be trained on how to answer the various questions on the change in anatomy (ranging from the harmless "I don't understand this clothing" or "how do I walk in this body" to the more uncomfortable ones). They will also provide information on the available resources specific to an imPort's needs and who they should speak to (SELF) if that need is not yet being met.

ImPort Host Program

Similar to the host programs commonly found in many different country, the goal of the ImPort Host Program is to give newly-arrived imPorts a guide to help them adjust to life in a strange new world. The volunteer hosts are largely natives, with a smattering of imPorts, and SELF will gladly work with newbies to find the right host. The program is only offered, not forced - and, it is entirely up to the newbie how long they stay in.

Former head of the organization is Claire Dearing. With her return home, that status has been transferred to Lord-Governor Kang. For IC information, questions or complaints, characters are free to reach out to Lord-Governor Kang.

If you have any suggestions or plots, PM me any time! Bear in mind that anything that can potentially impact the game must first be passed by the mods.

[Coding has been borrowed from here.]

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[The chamber Kang is currently in is very large, and lit only by a handful of candles. It's all the light the many young draconians need to see, though - they have much better low-light vision than humans. There are no doors, and the walls are just tall enough that climbing is required to get out; everything, including the ceiling, is made of rock as if the location of the chamber is underground. There are scorch marks and charred bone fragments everywhere, and only piles of hay for sleeping.

All of the draconians in this chamber are entirely unclothed with bright bronze scales, horns that are barely more than nubs, and injuries that range from minor to severe. There are, strangely, no corpses, though at least one of the younglings looks as if it is on the verge of death, emaciated and its wings completely shredded.

Kang is sitting on the little patch of hay he has claimed as his, with his back to the rocky wall. He's nursing a cut on his leg and watching all the others, hissing at any who accidentally get too close to him. They all back off quickly, knowing better by this point than to start a fight with one of the largest bozaks in the group.

Everyone stops at the sound of footsteps and laughing voices echoing in the distance with their heads upraised. Their nostrils twitch at the smell of fresh meat, as if they haven't eaten in more than a day, and almost every single draconian starts sizing up those around them. Only the most severely injured don't react, having given up any hope.

There is never enough food for everyone.
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Huzzad keeps her long hair in a braid and in this scene is in comfortable leather breeches and a linen tunic.

Kang himself is in a kilt, tunic, and tabard.

Draconian senses are better than humans, so if the player chooses, everything vision and hearing-wise will be sharper and the viewer is consciously aware of a lot more going on smell-wise, being able to recognize others by scent alone. It might be a tad overwhelming for anyone not used to it.

--- )
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8) Can my character know yours?: Sure, if they're from Krynn or a transplant from Cape and Cowl or Transmigration 9.
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